Leading digital ink manufacturer, NUtec recently relocated its water-base plant to larger premises to accommodate the growing sales of its Aquamarine dye sublimation inks. The strategic move will enable the company to meet its’ customers’ increased demand and rising volume requirements which are growing significantly year on year.

NUtec Sales and Marketing Director, Neil Green notes, “Four years ago, NUtec Digital Ink embarked on an exciting new chapter when we started researching water-based digital inks to supplement our UV-curable and solvent ink product portfolio. After extensive development and beta testing, the Aquamarine range of water-based dye sublimation inks was introduced to our distributors and business partners globally just over a year ago and we are pleased with the market traction. ”

The Aquamarine water-based ink range is designed for coated and uncoated transfer paper and complies to the Adidas® A01 Standard with typical applications including textiles, soft signage, banners, flags, sportswear, apparel, promotional products and other polyester-coated substrates for high quality indoor decoration.

NUtec’s water base plant offers the Aquamarine digital inks in various packaging and filling configurations including bottles and pouches, while also producing three variants of water-based coatings that complement the company’s UV-curable and solvent ink ranges.  All NUtec’s ink products are supported by the NUtec Ink Delivery System Warranty.