Leading manufacturer, NUtec Digital Ink recently announced that the company had achieved the status of Approved Preferential Exporter (APE) to the European Union (EU), a move enabling the company to offer its customers shorter delivery times and reduced administrative requirements for exporting into the region.

NUtec Digital Ink is a South African based digital ink manufacturer exporting to more than 80 countries around the world including the EU member countries, whose trade relations with South Africa are governed by the Trade, Development and Co-operation Agreement (TDCA).

The company’s newly attained Approved Preferential Exporter to the EU status was awarded after several months of origin site visits, supplier vetting, quality assurance and production processing audits.

NUtec Sales and Marketing Director, Neil Green states, “This is great news for both the company and our EU business partners who are extremely excited about NUtec’s most recent achievement.“

“NUtec will now list its APE status and number on all its invoices thus eliminating the need to arrange for the issue of physical EUR1 certificates for each shipment, product or tariff category. This will greatly assist with reducing delivery lead times and lessening the administrative requirements for exporting to the European Union and will further encourage trade growth between NUtec and our EU customers,” notes Green.