• Optimised for UV-curable inks


• Storage fluid
• Capping purposes
• New print head preparation fluid before loading ink


NUtec Care and Maintenance Fluid (CMF) has been optimised for its expanding range of UV-curable inks.

CMF is more suitable across a broader range of competitor inks when converting to NUtec UV range of inks and fully compatible with NUtec’s latest UV-curable inks.

CMF is the recommended preparation fluid to use when doing conversions from competitors to NUtec UV ink, as it is a more universal solution.

This cleaning solution has a very slow evaporation rate that is good for a number of uses while shipping and transport are easier because of less onerous regulatory requirements.


Packaging configurations
1L and 3L bottles
Colours and Shelf-Life
18 months
Shipping and Storage Information
Storage & transit temperatures: +5°C to +35°C Store in a cool, dry area, not directly on the floor and away from direct sunlight
Operating Specifications
Temperature: +19°C to +28°C; Relative Humidity: 30% to 80% Non-condensing.


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