NUtec Digital Ink, a leading ink manufacturer producing water-based, UV curable and solvent printing inks, recently announced its latest UV inks suitable for the EFI® range of GS and QS printers.

NUtec’s Amethyst UV inks for EFI® printers are available for roll to roll printers as the A50-RTR-EF or for hybrid printers as the A50-HYB-EF. Both ink versions offer excellent colours, great reliability, great image quality and continued operating functionality.

The conversion from EFI® original inks to one of the NUtec alternative inks is a smooth, hassle-free process due to NUtec’s specially designed bottle and adaptor. Developed in-house, the exclusive bottle design offers the unique ability to work across both 5 litre and 3 litre configurations for the GS and QS machines.

Neil Green, Sales and Marketing Director at NUtec notes, “EFI® customers who have converted to our inks are particularly impressed with the colour and the physical properties of the inks especially as far as the adhesion and flexible attributes are concerned. These easy-to-install cost-effective UV inks for EFI® printers, are fast gaining traction with satisfied customers around the world.”

NUtec’s alternative inks for the EFI® GS and QS range of printers precede a comprehensive range of optimised UV inks soon to be launched by NUtec Digital Ink.