Leading manufacturer, NUtec Digital Ink recently announced that the company will be offering enhanced virtual training and online support services, in order to stay connected with its many global customers and distributors.

With the world currently in various stages of lockdown, businesses are having to change the way they operate in order to survive. Many are investing in video conferencing and remote working facilities in order to remain connected to their customers and to offer work-from-home options for their employees.

After a decade of welcoming global visitors to its production and laboratory sites in Cape Town, South Africa, NUtec Digital ink now invites its customers to participate in its virtual tours and dynamic, online training and support programs.

Utilising Microsoft® Teams, Zoom® and similar chat-based collaboration tools, NUtec offers remote product sales training as well as technical support services for printer conversions, maintenance procedures and troubleshooting.

“NUtec Digital Ink invites our customers to enjoy virtual tours from the comfort of their work desk or home office as we walk them through our manufacturing plants, laboratories and R&D print rooms, highlighting the quality control procedures at each point,” said NUtec sales & marketing director, Neil Green.

“Demonstrations and various forms of ‘show and tell’ including interesting media and applications can now be shared with NUtec’s many distributors, allowing the company to stay connected to and in communication with its many customers around the world. Our product and technical specialists are available to answer all your questions so contact NUtec now to participate and stay informed.”

NUtec Digital Ink reports that they plan to further develop their online collaboration initiatives even after all lockdowns have been reversed globally, as the company and its customers experience the many benefits.