Leading digital ink manufacturer NUtec is expanding its product portfolio to include more dye sublimation digital inks for the textile and soft signage markets. This will supplement their successful solvent and UV curable digital ink ranges currently on offer.

“We have a range of dye sublimation inks developed for the Epson® DX4, 5, 6, 7 and PrecisionCore® TFP print heads as well as the Kyocera® KJ4B-0300 print head. We offer various packaging configurations for these inks which include regular 1kg bottles, an inverted 1kg bottle, as well as various pouch size options,” notes Neil Green, Sales & Marketing Director, NUtec.

“NUtec’s dye sublimation inks are unique in that a high dye loading has been added to the formulation to achieve, firstly, very efficient transfer as less ink is needed to get to acceptable colours, and secondly, very good non coated paper (bond paper) results as less ink means less migration into the bond paper while the higher dye loading ensures very good transfer results, “continues Green.

The company’s expanded Aquamarine range of dye sublimation inks:

  • Are optimised for transfer printing
  • Are developed for coated and uncoated media, including high density and lower GSM transfer paper
  • Offer reduced ink consumption
  • Deliver fast transfer rates for increased productivity
  • Result in excellent print reliability and superior colour gamut
  • Are fast drying for high speed printing

Typical applications for the Aquamarine dye sublimation inks include prints on textiles, soft signage, banners, flags, sportswear, apparel, promotional products and other polyester-coated substrates for high quality indoor decoration. All NUtec’s products are supported by their Ink Delivery System Warranty.