The unique NUtec Bulk Ink System (NUbis) ensures a continuous supply of ink to the Epson® DX™4, DX5, DX6 and DX7 print heads, allowing more efficient printing with uninterrupted refilling, giving the functionality of a cartridge but with the advantages of a bulk system. Compatible with printers without valved dampers.

Each NUbis base system holds 2 x 1000ml or 2 x 2000ml degassed pouches, which are easy to replace when empty, even during printing without disrupting the print session.

Degassed pouches are generally more efficient, especially when printing at high speeds and as such are more reliable than any conventional open bulk ink system.

Replacing pouches can be done quickly and cleanly: The needle connectors attach easily to the nozzle of the pouch for a fast, spill-free refilling process, reducing ink wastage. Empty pouches can be folded and disposed of in accordance with your regional hazard waste disposal, while the outer box is 100% recyclable.

The NUbis system is compatible with a range of NUtec Eco and Environmentally responsible solvent inks as used in printers with Epson® series print heads.


  • Continuous Ink Supply
  • No mess during refilling
  • Increased printing efficiency – Cost effective
  • Refilling without interrupting printing
  • Degassed ink for more reliable and efficient printing


Kindly note: Not all products are available in every country or region. Contact for your region specific inks.

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