NUtec has designed a range of auxiliary components which make it easy to install NUtec alternative inks onto the HP® Scitex® FB series printers.

These components consist of positioning plates, which are used to secure the NUtec ink bottles in the various HP® Scitex® FB printers, as well as adaptors, filters and connectors. Refer to component list document.

NUtec offers a range of UV-curable inks for the HP® Scitex® FB series printers for hybrid or rigid applications and which are available in 2.5L for colours and 1.7L for white.


  • Compatible with HP® Scitex® FB 500, 550, 700 and 750 series printers
  • Affordable Alternative Ink Solution
  • Customized Components
  • Easy Installation
  • Access to a wider range of Inks
  • Little to no wastage


Kindly note: Not all products are available in every country or region. Contact sales@nutecdigital.com for your region specific inks.

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