UV-cured Inks

NUtec’s Ruby, Amethyst and Quartz ranges of UV-curable digital inks are designed for either roll-to-roll, hybrid or rigid printer applications with either Mercury or LED curing systems.

Water-based Inks

The Aquamarine range of water-based digital inks are designed for dye sublimation transfer applications onto polyester-based substrates including textiles, garments, flags and banners.

Eco-solvent Inks

NUtec’s range of eco-solvent digital inks offers low smell, superior abrasion and chemical resistance, while providing excellent media compatibility across a broad range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates.

Environment Responsible Inks

The Emerald ink range consists of Environment Responsible Product (ERP) inks offering a greener solution for the environment, as they contain no hazardous air pollutants and are safer for the operator environment.

Mild Solvent Inks

NUtec’s range of mild solvent ink is cost-effective and robust offering good reliability with excellent media compatibility across a broad range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates.

Cleaning Solutions

NUtec manufactures a range of cleaning and flushing solutions for our water-based, UV-curable and solvent digital inks. Note that no other cleaning solution is to be used with NUtec inks.

Coatings, Varnishes & Liquid Laminates

NUcoat is a gloss UV stable single component water-based clear coat system and is compatible with most UV cured and solvent based inks with a very wide media compatibility.

Bulk Ink Delivery Systems

NUtec has developed a bulk ink solution to deliver a continuous supply of ink, allowing more efficient printing with uninterrupted refilling.

OEM Conversion Components

NUtec has designed and engineered a number of auxiliary components and adapters to deliver inks to select printers without the need to use the original packaging configuration.

Kindly note: Not all products are available in every country or region. Contact sales@nutecdigital.com for your region-specific inks.