Spectra SL 128 (80pl)

    Mild Solvent

  • Topaz T51-N is a general purpose, mild solvent ink designed for use in 42-80pl printheads such as Spectra®, Hitachi Koki® and Xaar®. It features a wide colour gamut and is suitable for a wide range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates.
  • UV-cured inks

  • Quartz Q50-RTR is a wide-format roll-to-roll UV-curable ink designed for a large number of self-adhesive and flexible media applications. It is a high density ink that cures with Mercury Vapour UV lamps. This fast curing ink is suitable for high speed printing.

  • Amethyst A50-RTR is a superior roll-to-roll UV curable ink. This flexible, fast curing UV ink is suitable for LED and Mercury Vapour UV lamps. The A50-RTR is designed for self-adhesive as well as flexible media and performs well in a demanding, high speed printing environment, providing enhanced scuff and chemical resistance.

  • Amethyst A50-RIG is a premium quality rigid UV ink, with superior media adhesion qualities, designed for rigid applications and is suitable for LED as well as Mercury Vapour UV lamps. It is suitable for use without primer, on a large variety of rigid substrates, including: Polycarbonate, Melamine, Fluted Polypropylene as well as Decorative  Applications on Glass, Acrylic and Ceramics.
  • Amethyst A50-HYB is a premium quality hybrid UV ink, designed for a wide range of rigid and roll-to-roll applications. It is a wide format ink that cures with LED as well as Mercury Vapour UV lamps.