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NUtec Digital Ink

Demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability, the company is awarded OEKO-TEX Eco Passport and GREENGUARD Gold product accreditations.

2023-08-01T13:56:20+02:001 August 2023|

NUtec Digital Ink

NUtec Digital Ink is acquired by the Crosse family and continues to grow its influence and product offering in the international market, with its roots firmly planted in Cape Town, South Africa.

2023-01-23T22:27:35+02:0018 February 2021|

NUtec Digital Ink

Developed Environment Responsible Product (ERP) digital inks with no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) for safer operator environment.

2023-01-20T10:11:50+02:0012 February 2012|

NUtec Digital Ink

Established by the founders of TechINK, NUtec Digital Ink developed and manufactured digital printing solvent inks for OEMs and distributors for the global market.

2023-01-20T10:10:26+02:0012 February 2009|


TechINK was acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP), producing up to 500 tons of solvent and UV cured inks a month, making it one of the largest digital ink manufacturing companies in the world at the time.

2023-01-20T11:16:33+02:0012 February 2005|


Acquired by Scitex Vision, TechnoInk was renamed TechINK, producing all the OEM Scitex Vision solvent and UV curable inks as well as producing alternative inks for the global digital printing ink market. Neil Green joins to head up international sales and marketing and the team that would later form NUtec Digital Ink is now complete.

2023-01-20T11:15:46+02:0012 February 2001|


A separate company was formed to produce solvent digital ink for Scitex Vision who by then had acquired Idanit.

2023-01-20T10:08:06+02:0012 February 1999|


Paul Geldenhuys had now joined the Omnigraphics team and successfully developed the first solvent digital ink for Piezo electric print heads for the VUTEk UltraVu & Idanit 162Ad (Scitex Novo) printers for in-house commercial printing.

2023-01-20T10:07:11+02:0012 February 1998|


NUtec Digital Ink founding members Jamie Lowndes and Tony Davison are involved in a management buy-out of Omnigraphics, an early adopter of inkjet digital printing processes and solvent ink development.

2023-01-20T10:06:19+02:0012 February 1995|
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